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Baking is my passion! I have been in the kitchen cooking and baking since I was 10 years old. I remember watching the cooking channels and quickly jotting down ingredients as I saw being used. I then, immediately, went to the kitchen and put together what I saw being made. To everyone’s surprise, my culinary skills were pretty good! As the years went by, I made up my own recipes by trial and error, bought any cookbook I could get my hands on, watched closely while family members were cooking and baking. I asked lots of questions, read lots of cookbooks, watched lots of cooking shows, and of course ate LOTS of sweet and savory goodies!

One of my absolute favourite things in the world is CAKE – especially birthday cake…mmm.. I love everything about it – the aroma, taste, texture, and visual appearance. I made it my mission to perfect cake. I wanted homemade with natural ingredients (ones I can actually pronounce), but with a professional bakery taste! After some mixing, tweaking, and modifying recipes, I came up with the perfect one! That’s pretty much my go-to for most of my custom cakes – for different flavours, I simply add extra ingredients and custom flavouring! The only exception is chocolate… as chocolate has a special recipe of its own which gets the moistest, yummiest, chocolatiest cake!

Asides from different types of cakes, I also offer a wide range of other sweets such as cupcakes, pies, macaroons, cake-pops, cookies, chocolates, party favours, etc – You name it, I’ll bake it! I will work with you to turn your idea and theme into a tasty delicacy!

So to sum it up, I love to bake and would love to have my little pieces of yummy art bring you joy and bliss on your special occasions!

See Some Of My Creations Below!